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Helder Massage Oils supplies a full range of massage and care products to customers throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland.

The Helder Massage Oils product range has been selected by professionals and is ideal for the professional physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractitioner, massage and beauty therapist.

The range includes massage oils, creams & milks, gels & balms for the treatment of injuries as well as products for handcare, cleansing, ultrasonic use and supplementary items such as The Biotone range from America.

Please browse the site for more details of our entire range and to place an order simply click on the product.

We pride ourselves on our prompt delivery and friendly service and our long list of regular customers.

Buy with Confidence from Helder Massage Oils

Please note that for customers in Ireland and Northern Ireland we have appointed a local distributor. Please contact us for further information.